CAIM Programme Area -  Six distressed districts of Vidarbha viz.Akola, Amravati, Buldhana, Wardha, Washim and Yavatmal.


The Convergence of Agricultural Interventions in Maharashtra’s Distressed District Programme (hereafter as “CAIM”) envisages enabling rural poor to overcome poverty by developing sustaining means, it so as to increase their socio economic status, household on farms and off farms livelihoods, allowing household to face production and market risk without falling back in to poverty and distress. In order to achieve goal the target group from same socio-economic status will form various group that is JLGs, SHGs, VDCs. These group will be encouraged to undertake micro enterprises activities (on farm and off farm), SSI, SMEs which will link to the market.

Programme Goal: The overall goal of the Programme is to contribute to the development of resilient production, sustainable and diversified households, on-farm and off-farm livelihoods, allowing households to face production and market risks without falling back into poverty and distress.

Programme Objective: The Programme objectives are to; (i) improve household incomes from diversified farming and from off-farm activities; (ii) render farming systems resilient with the introduction of organic and low-input contract farming; (iii)  facilitate the involvement of farmers groups in primary processing, quality enhancement and marketing; (iv) empower women through micro-finance and micro-enterprises; and (v) achieve convergence of government programmes and resources.

Programme Purpose: Incomes of 286,800 households improved through resilient organic and low-input farming rendered on 403,200ha, involvement of target group farmers in primary processing, quality enhancement and marketing, empowering women households through micro-finance and micro-enterprises and in addition counselling 158,400 distressed households on social and financial matters.


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Dr. Sudhir Kumar Goel, Principal Secretary, Department of Agricultural & Marketing, Govt. of  Maharashtra addressing at CAIM Political Launch programme.

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Mr. Mattia Prayer Galletti of IFAD, Rome in CAIM Start-Up-Workshop.